About KE6NVU

My name is Paul Carlin KE6NVU, I am currently retired.  I worked in Radiology mainly performing routine x-rays and later MRI, CT and PET scanning. My interest in HAM radio comes from my mentor Syd Furman W6QWK, Syd asked me to participate in the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay.  It is a 120 mile relay, run in 20 stages across the mojave desert from Baker, California to Las Vegas, Nevada.  The core group was about 20 hams and we supported the Fremont Police Department  for 14 years. We learned about and implemented a repeater and APRS tracking system covering the entire race course, where none existed before! We ALSO had a great time! I made some VERY close and dear friends.

My radio gear consists of HF Icom 7800, Icom 7410, icom 7000 Mobile, ICOM-706 as Packet station.  VHF/UHF TM-D700, TM-D701, TM 742, APRS Station TM733 and KPC 3+ and Various hand held radio’s.  Along with an ICOM r-5000 scanner.

I work primarily 40 and 80 meters,  20 meters for DX.  Have ability for all bands. Please give me a call if you are in town on the 146.960 + 88.5 repeater.

Please leave me your Name, Location and Call Sign, thanks Paul


Pelican Bay ARC

Net Tuesday 1900 Hours
146.960 - 88.5
Simplex NET 1915 Hours

Del Norte Radio Club 1915 Hours
146.880 - 136.5
Simplex Net 1930 Hours
146.560 Using FlDigi Packet